Where is JP Cleaning located?

We are a North Shore-based cleaning company, providing home and office cleaning services. Currently our team works in the North Shore, Upper Harbour and Auckland City Central areas.

Do I need to provide cleaning products & equipment for the use of the cleaners?

We provide all the cleaning products and equipment our fully-trained staff will require to give you a top-quality job.

We use plant and mineral based cleaning products* (except oven cleaner) for house cleaning and carpet shampooing. 

We can also assure you that all the cloths and mops are properly sanitised and they and the cleaning products are colour-coded to avoid cross contamination between areas and jobs.

What if the cleaners did not do the job properly or something goes wrong?

By sending the same team to clean your home or office each time, we can provide you with a consistently high standard of work.

But if our cleaners do not do a job to your satisfaction, just contact us within 24 hours and we will come back and get it right, free of charge. If something does go wrong, JP Cleaning is fully insured by STATE INSURANCE and we will be happy to quickly resolve any issues.

Great, I like your website, what do I need to do next?

You can send an enquiry to our email address, with your name, the location of the property to be cleaned, your telephone numbers and the frequency of the clean required. We will give you a call to arrange an on-site quote. Once you have accepted our quote, we will add you to our cleaning schedule for the mutually agreed time and day.

Do I need to provide a key to the cleaners for access?

This is entirely up to you. While most of our customers give us a key for access, we do not mind if you would prefer to stay on the premises to let our cleaners in or make any other arrangements which suit you.  All keys are labelled with unique numbers and kept under lock in our office and are issued to the team supervisor on the morning of your scheduled clean. All keys must be returned to our office at the end of the shift on the same day. 

How do I pay for the cleaning service?

After each clean, you will receive an invoice which provides our bank details for online payment or you can simply leave us a cheque.
About Us

In the 10+ years we have been in the cleaning business, we have learned a thing or two about what people want, and how best to supply those services. We will listen (and remember!) special requests. We won't send a different cleaner every time - our aim is to have someone you know and who knows you cleaning your home and business in Auckland.

Contact Us
Phone: 0800 57 27 67
Email: contact@jpcleaning.co.nz