Get on with the business, not keeping the office clean...

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Maintaining a clean, tidy and efficient workplace makes the right impression on your clients, your brand and ultimately your bottom line.  Many people spend as much time at the office as they do at home, so maintaining a clean workplace is important not only for your company’s reputation with customers, but also for the health, safety and productivity of your employees.

Our office cleaning service takes the responsibility of regular, quality cleaning off your shoulders. We will provide your company with a specifically designed cleaning program to suit your budget and workplace.  Offering a daily, weekly or fortnightly schedule as required.

Our office cleaning team comes equipped with environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment to leave your workplace clean, organised and ready for getting on with business.

Here is what we provide in our Office Cleaning service:
  • Dust and clean desks, furniture, computers, office equipment and light fixtures.
  • Vacuum carpet and mop floors.
  • Clean reception areas.
  • Clean and shine glass surfaces.
  • Dust picture frames and decor.
  • Empty rubbish bins and replace rubbish bags.
  • Clean and sanitize counters, and sinks in lunchroom/cafeteria.
  • Clean and sanitize basin, toilet and all light fixtures in restrooms.

Any special requests?  Please let us know when we discuss your job.
Extra services available:
  • Carpet cleaning - Ultra high temperature.
  • Window cleaning - inside, outside, or both.
  • Walls and ceilings.
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About Us

In the 10+ years we have been in the cleaning business, we have learned a thing or two about what people want, and how best to supply those services. We will listen (and remember!) special requests. We won't send a different cleaner every time - our aim is to have someone you know and who knows you cleaning your home and business in Auckland.

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